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 Acting:  Acting:  Adam Sandler:  Alan Rickman:  American Horror Story:  Andi (  Angel:  Animal Rescue and Adoption Groups:  Animal Rights Movement:  Anne Rice:  Anthony Hopkins:  Anthony Michael Hall:  Anti-Terrorism Movement:  Apples:  Authors/Writers:  Authors/Writers:  Ballet:  Bates Motel:  Ben Stiller:  Birds:  Bonne Belle: Lip Smackers:  Boots:  Brad Dourif:  Bruce Willis:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 1:  Carisma (  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge:  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge:  Cats: Black:  Chrissy (  Christian Bale:  Christine (  Christopher Lloyd:  Cillian Murphy:  Colors: Purple:  Colors: Red:  Colors: Yellow:  Creating/Maintaining Fanlistings:  Criminal Minds:  Crispin Glover:  Dance:  Dancing:  Daydreams/Daydreaming:  Dexter:  Dogs: Adopted and Rescued:  Dolphins:  Donnie Wahlberg:  English:  Ethan (  Ewan McGregor:  Eyes: Blue:  Fanlistings:  Flag: USA:  Gary Oldman:  Gemstones: Amethyst:  Gemstones: Aquamarine:  Genres: Thriller:  Genres: Vampire:  Geoffrey Rush:  German:  Hannibal:  Happiness:  Harley (  House:  Inception: Robert Fischer:  Interspecies Friendships:  Jake Gyllenhaal:  James Spader:  Jamie (  Jared Leto:  Jared Leto:  Jared Padalecki:  Jason Isaacs:  Jeff Goldblum:  Jeffrey Dean Morgan:  Jensen Ackles:  Johnny Depp:  Joining Fanlistings:  Kevin Spacey:  Kiefer Sutherland:  Languages: English:  Languages: German:  Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:  Lisa (  Love Never Dies:  Mandy (  Mark Hamill:  Mark Wahlberg:  Matthew Gray Gubler:  Megan (  Men: Italian:  Michael C. Hall:  Months: February:  Moon:  Morgan Freeman:  Night at the Museum:  Numbers:  Orlando Bloom:  Photography:  Photography: Animal/Wildlife:  Photography: Black and White:  Pierce Brosnan:  Pinstripes:  Pinstripes:  Polka Dots:  Pretty Little Liars:  Pro-Life Movement:  Rachel (  Robert Downey Jr.:  Robin Williams:  Samuel L. Jackson:  Sarina (  Shoes:  Shower Gel:  Singing:  Singing:  Star Wars: Boba Fett:  Stephen King:  Supernatural:  The X-Files: Message Board:  Three's Company:  Tim Curry:  Tomatoes:  V for Vendetta: V and Evey:  V.C. Andrews:  Vampire Chronicles, The: Santino:  Wham!:  Words:  Words:  X-Files, The: Fox Mulder:

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